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Posted on September 15, by ecoviewfinder Apple Celebration on Saturday September 20th at the Community Garden Learn how to press the juice out of kilos of apples with a large manual press, specially built for the Community Garden by local people. Try to avoid supermarket fruit! We will also be feasting on locally baked apples, cakes, pies, cookies, turnovers, flapjacks…anything you care to make at home and bring along. As the 5th anniversary of Transition Leytonstone draws nigh, we will be supplying plenty of cream to pour over these confections. Rumour hath it that there will even be a curried apple soup! The E10 garden is a substantial size, approximately 24m long by 7m wide, quite overgrown, and currently partly under cultivation by the owners. It gets plenty of sun during the day; also boasting 2 beehives which are owned and maintained by members of the London Beekeepers Association. Gardenshare is a little bit like matchmaking; it is important to ensure that both gardeners and garden owners are compatible. That said, we are very much looking forward to hearing from you! To learn more about the site, or apply for a gardenshare, please contact Diana on or email info transitionleytonstone.

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Sharing resources, knowledge, ownership and wealth creation. While wealth creation may be part of the process, it is not an end in itself. Promoting systemic social change is the real objective. Positive impacts Deliver positive societal e. Lean manufacturing is a well-established philosophy that identifies and seeks to minimise waste in production processes.

Waste in this context is not only seen in the physical waste materials and waste energy, but also in over-production, materials handling, over-processing, inventory, defects and rework.

Permaculture is a creative, ethical approach for designing any process so that it flows with rather than against nature. Although traditionally applied to land- based projects, we can design our actions to encompass the ethics and principles of weekend course should help to define that relationship and how to use permaculture.

Please join us in giving them a warm welcome. I think that for most of us our homes are our sanctuaries and is the place that we return to at the end of the day, where we gather with family and friends, and where we invest an amazing amount of time in working to make it reflect who were are and how we like to live.

I remember my mom suggesting that I look beyond the latches to make the decision, which I did, but all to say these little details are sometimes what hook us. Ryan has been studying and practicing permaculture since when she and her husband Michael lived on a permaculture farm for a year. Their personal experience in searching for their own permaculture homestead was their catalyst for getting into the real estate business. While all real estate is about finding the right fit for both seller and buyer, they realized that there are types of properties, particularly agricultural ones, where stewardship plays a key role in the transfer of such a property.

Ryan received her PDC in at Colby Sawyer College and then went on to take numerous permaculture courses ranging from urban permaculture design to regenerative wasteland ecosystems in Haiti. Throughout this process of continuing education she and Michael realized that real estate affects all of us and there was an enormous opportunity to found a real estate practice on the ethics of permaculture. The Hvizda Team has been practicing real estate for three years, getting their start deeply rooted in community and ethics grounded in permaculture.

There are three main principals in permaculture: There is a lot of information about permaculture available- in fact, too much to share here. However, we will share a few key elements that are important to Ryan and The Hvizda Team.

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Courses and Apprenticeships Smallholding Nourish Scotland have just been funded to run a six month vocational training and work placement programme for new entrants wanting to develop their food growing, local marketing and small business skills. Designing Sustainability Gaia Education is running an online course on the social, worldview, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability. Shift Bristol run a course in Practical Sustainability. This year long course gives an in-depth understanding of where are and where we’re going in relation to sustainability, and what we can do to create positive, practical solutions.

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Construction materials required are as follows: Click on picture to enlarge Yellow lines indicate the position of the wire supports Red rectangles show position of turnbuckes Purple circles show position of fastening bolts Blue square shows position of plastic safety cap Trellis Construction Determine location for trellis. Orientation should run lengthwise north to south if you want to maximise sun coverage and not shade out any adjacent garden areas. If you choose to use it for shade, position it to run lengthwise across the direction you wish to block the sun from.

For example, to block the north midday sun in the Southern Hemisphere, place in a northernmost position running west to east. Drill the star pickets to allow them to be bolted together. Lay them on the ground, drilled edges of the uprights facing inwards important, as this is where you will string your wire arranged in an upside-down “U” shape, and hold the flat edges together as close as you can, and then work out where you need to drill them to bolt them together.

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Share This Page on About Me Shayna is the creator of this blog, Cofounder of NuMundo , writer, singer, dancer, lyricist, event producer, facilitator, Dream Activator , digital marketing and crowdfunding consultant and life-long earth and community-steward. Mission While Shayna has manifested many of her own visions and dreams, her mission is to guide others in activating theirs. Through her experience and watching her peers dive fully into their purpose and unfolding all of the magnificence that life can be, she knows that we have infinite potential for what we can accomplish to transform the planet.

For an abundance of reasons, my leadership skills were challenged to the core, forcing me to problem solve quickly, listen compassionately and most of all act and live in integrity with our highest collective vision.

Permaculture works brilliantly on a small scale, so permaculture gardening methods are ideal for these situations. Here are some distinctive permaculture gardening methods to make your garden healthy, low-maintenance and highly productive.

All proceeds from the not-for-profit event, which took place September , were donated to local schools and educational projects. Undoubtedly the most dramatic sight at the Expo was the enormous Squash Tower that was displayed in the middle of the main Exhibition Hall and was made of thousands of gourds and squashes of countless shapes and colors. The entire cavernous space offered a dizzying kaleidoscope of hundreds of fruit and vegetable varietals.

Gene Dubik a year member of the Redwood Empire Chapter of Rare Fruit Growers stood behind his display several rectangle tables configured into a u-shape laden with a host of well-marked varieties of figs, walnuts and citrus fruit. A smattering of outdoor stands along with an entire hall were filled with different vendors selling products as diverse as home fermentation kits and garden tools, to sustainably made chocolate. Interspersed between all the vendors were numerous seed companies and catalogs promoting seed stewardship and the importance of preserving heirlooms far into the future.

Perhaps the biggest draw to this annual event was the exceptional line-up of speakers. William Woys Weaver tackled the future of heirloom seeds, Nutiva founder John Roulac spoke to the importance of healthy soils, ocean and climate, and a panel headed up by FoodBabe aka Vani Hari was titled Winning the Food Revolution, Stories from the Field.

Andrew Kimbrel, founder of Center for Food Safety and a leading proponent of organic policies ended the first day of presentations with his The Future of Food: The attorney and passionate advocate for regenerative forms of agriculture is intent on moving the needle.

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Generally, teaching gardening is mostly boots on the ground with a smattering of classroom work. As any good teacher knows, keeping the attention of twenty-five elementary school children through a lecture is a challenging task. That said, permaculture involves a lot of theory. While my activities were usually pretty well received, we had a limited amount of time together for teaching more complex concepts.

Jeremy Cowan, an assistant professor at Washington State University who follows permaculture and related agricultural trends, said permaculture has become more of a mainstream topic in recent years.

Black Widow Martial Arts Academy, Birmingham Passionate about Permaculture is about creating abundant systems that need less and less work to look after them and make more and more yields. It is a sustainable design system based on principles found in nature. When the ethics of earthcare, peoplecare and fair share are applied we know our design will be sustainable. It can be applied to creating any human system and solving any problem. By learning to observe natural systems and applying these principles we can create robust efficient systems that ultimately generate more and more yields for less and less work.

Systems that take waste and pollution and transform them to useful resources.

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Underground water reservoir Rotterdam An unusual car park has been built in the cultural heart of Rotterdam, the Museumpark. Green roofs in Amsterdam. And … it is inexpensive New drainage infrastructure with down pipe tech. This wateringpipe is inexpensive, can be integrated in water storage systems and retentions. And it has a very low footprint.

For the last six years the National Heirloom Expo, dubbed the World’s Pure Food Fair has been attracting thousands of food, gardening and farming enthusiasts to Santa Rosa’s Sonoma County Fairgrounds for three days of seed swaps, education, and activism.

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Signposts on the Way I was talking with a friend who has been going through a rather turbulent time recently. She asked me if I’d used certain spiritual practices to help me through my own troubles in recent years. I replied that I had So I have found myself since that conversation pondering, what did help? What got me through the darkest days after my life disintegrated around me?

The focus is on sustainability, organic farming, and permaculture, where knowledge of the subject matter is by no means required before joining. Work ranges from weeding the flowerbeds, growing vegetables, to building a fence or taking care of animals.

For people who have cold winters, there are special water barrels that could be purchased and filled, for people with room in your house to store them. Purchase several water purification tablets to dress in hand to purify it for drinking, if needed. Store some filtered water in large containers preferable glass or definitely the big blue water jugs.

Smaller jars could possibly be placed towards the end of a closet, place a heavy card board or 1 inch plywood together with and stack another short period. Place a sticky note on them as to your date you put water in them. Begin to use them with the oldest date first and refill and date the moment more. This way if the electricity is off for two days, approximately some to drink and cook featuring. Urban Farm Magazine As a cunning stalker will not need the police to catch them they may be very clever how they do their dirty deeds.

No clear evidence can usually be linked with them. With my case the stalker was loaded so he did not need to engage in most of the offences himself making it even harder for the police to pin anything on him for legal reasons. Urban Farm Magazine Some people feel good after buying some kind of survival food kit or longer storage kit which they store somewhere in house for such cases. It comes with nothing wrong with this, but it’s much to be able to just buy more in the same products you already eat.

Which can be it certain that you you do not have to buy foods that has to last for months and months anyone are in order to rotate the stock.


Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation Our second report, Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation, summarizes two years of GEF journey that involved hundreds of educational leaders on five continents. We identify focal points of systemic transformation that may bring education of the future into reality, and lay out the framework for education as a vehicle for intentional evolution of the humankind.

Agenda Our first report has been largely dedicated to various avenues of the transformation of educational systems that may come about through the extensive use of digital technologies. The vision covers transformation up to s, with focal areas including Global online platforms, Personalization, Collaborative learning, Gamification, and Neurotechnologies. The report remains one of the most comprehensive overviews of the field. It also indicates 12 key meta-skills that are essential for future employability.

and interview skills, and matchmaking Emerson interned in the permaculture garden.

Companion Planting What is Companion Planting? Companion planting is the practice of planting two or more types of plants close together for some kind of benefit, such as the control of pests, increased health and vigour, resistance to disease, or higher yields. Companion planting is also concerned with plants are detrimental to each other and must therefore be grown apart.

How Does Companion Planting Work? There are several means by which companion planting works: Pests Repellent Properties Some plants exude chemicals from their roots, leaves or flowers that suppress or repel pests and protect neighbouring plants.

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