Gun Review: Ruger’s New Model Blackhawk Revolver

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History[ edit ] In the early s, Westerns were popular in movies and television. Colt had discontinued the iconic Single Action Army prior to World War II , and few single-action revolvers were available to meet market demand for cowboy-style revolvers. The Single-Six proved to be a popular seller, leading Ruger to develop and market a centerfire revolver similar to the Single Action Army: According to popular legend, Ruger was able to field a.

From through , Ruger made the “Three Screw” Blackhawk in various calibers, so called by the number of screws visible on the side of the revolver. The Flattop and Three Screw Rugers were modernized compared to the Colt Single Action Army, in that they had adjustable sights instead of the Colt’s fixed sights, and they used wire coil springs instead of the Colt’s flat leaf springs.

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History[ edit ] The. Colt began work on the revolver in , and submitted a sample to the U. Army in late The revolver was accepted for purchase in The rebated heel type bullet design of its predecessor, the. Army , dropped production of the. The M Govt round was replaced by the. This round was never loaded commercially, and is almost identical to the original. The rim is large enough that it cannot be loaded in adjacent chambers in the rod-ejector Colt model.

Additionally, the round has seen resurgence as a cartridge in handgun hunting and Metallic Silhouette Shooting competitions beginning in the s with the introduction of stronger, heavier framed handguns. The cartridge’s popularity has also increased with the increased marketing of handguns that can also fire the. The original black-powder loads called for 28 to 40 grains 1. Currently manufactured brass has a rim of adequate diameter for such uses.

Ruger Blackhawk 357 Review

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Ruger Revolver Holsters

Why, WHY, would you want one? So , what draws you this? Tom Trying again to post my test and see if it gets garbled up again A case full of black powder or Trail Boss should be adequate for Cowboy Action, plinking. Our initial objective to achieve fps with grain or fps with grain cast bullets was met with 5 grains of Bullseye in either. Slower powders like Auto Comp or enable even higher magnum velocities in the Ruger revolver.

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Item Gone: FT Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357 Stainless 6.5" (1981)

Design details[ edit ] The Ruger Vaquero is a New Model Super Blackhawk with fixed sights consisting of a front blade and a notch milled into the frame at the rear. The three versions were offered in stainless steel and other calibers including. Originally all Ruger Vaqueros were shipped with walnut grips incorporating a Ruger logo in a medallion. Like the New Model Blackhawk the Vaquero does not require the hammer to be half-cocked for loading and unloading, and uses a transfer bar mechanism which prevents the cartridge under the hammer from being fired without the trigger being pulled.

Ruger placed the safety warning which used to appear on the left-side of the barrel beneath the barrel on these models to make the gun more aesthetically pleasing.

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Sometimes, and in some places, the tried-and-true single-action revolver, despite its lack of high-tech chic, can carry the day. Ruger single actions are pure workhorses to me; when you need to hammer a bullet downrange reliably time after time and year after year, through all sorts of terrain and weather conditions, trust me, true grit counts far more than case-colored lipstick. Current standard caliber listings include the. When you need ground-level handgun horsepower more than you need a round magazine, the Blackhawk delivers.

In certain situations, how hard you can hit trumps how many times you can hit. Why A Single Action? With a thumb-cocking six-shooter, it takes a deliberate action to thumb the hammer back and reacquire the target through the sights between each shot, and back in the days when we all carried revolvers of some sort, believe me, there was more of a tendency to remember you could not keep on making noise all day long without reloading.

The single action also provides one single trigger pull. A properly set up, or even a merely broken in, single-action trigger can be a huge benefit to accurate shooting, and only requires its owner to learn one consistent trigger pull. Learn the gun, learn the trigger, and it should create no surprises in field use. Which brings us to power. The 19th century Colt design could occasionally shear right on through its hammer notches if the hammer slipped on cocking, or break its trigger tip, either of which could create more excitement than a mule on locoweed.

The Ruger Blackhawk also has a simpler mechanism with less to bend, break or bind than a double-action revolver, a stronger frame than most, and simpler ejection.

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Posted on Saturday, January 21, by Butch C. Me, I was raised in a very small town that backed up to a state forest so pretty much every family had at least a couple of guns. I recall sitting at my kitchen table eating breakfast and hearing gunshots from hunters who were clearly not very far away.

Sep 13,  · Join Date Apr Location Rapid City, South Dakota, USA Posts Ruger Old Model Blackhawk v. New Model Found a Old Model, good function, average wear marks, for $ Could get a brand new Blackhawk for the same price. The Old Model has been converted, but has the original parts, box, and papers. I received a Ruger.

This was done when the ammunition manufacturers lowered the pressure of their standard rounds These cartridges were limited by their case capacity, and the only way to get more power was to increase the case to hold more powder; this can be seen in firearms such as those made by Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company , which made rifles with nominal powder capacities from 70 grains. Cartridges such as the.

This led to “machine gun only” loads in these calibers, which provided far more velocity and energy in the rifles, but were not safe in the revolvers due to the higher pressures they generated. These loads were eventually dropped due to a combination of safety concerns, and new smokeless rifle cartridges that offered even higher velocities, such as the. This cartridge provided performance similar to other.

However, in the cartridge was redesigned as the. Like the “rifle only” loads, the. A similar move to a high pressure loading was done on the. In both cases this is below the pressure of a proof test cartridge. Overpressure rounds are commonly defensive rounds and are loaded by police and others in need of maximum power in a compact firearm.

Accordingly, most overpressure rounds are hollow points or other types of expanding ammunition. There has been significant improvement in metallurgy and quality since the first guns in those calibers have been made, with the result that higher pressures are now safe in modern firearms.

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Luke Stranahan Luke Stranahan is an engineer by trade and an armed patriot by inclination. He writes for Return of Kings as a leisure pursuit and an attempt to do his part to help reverse the slide into moral decrepitude of modern society. Follow him on Twitter. Carrying a handgun for personal defense is a massive responsibility and often an onerous task, but it certainly beats not being armed when you need to be. The goal, during your life, should not be to win a gunfight, but rather to never be in one.

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It is also easy to find great prices BUT the rub is trying to find a great gun at a great price! I’ve walked a lot of aisles over many years at our local shows always looking for that certain sixgun. Just last year I arrived home after the SHOT Show, showered and hurried down to the last couple of hours of the local show. In the third aisle I found a sixgun friend Gary Sitton had been looking for over a year. Those four sixguns cover about seven years of gun show searching.

In the second aisle I spotted the back end of a Ruger Flat-Top. The price tag was extremely reasonable for a Flat-Top. As I looked at the Blackhawk, the barrel kept going. What I had in front of me was not just an ordinary Flat-Top. The deal was quickly struck, I did not even try to get the price down and the check was written and I headed away with my treasure.

I knew I had a rare sixgun but I certainly did not know how rare. In fact it is the rarest of all the Flat-Tops.

Ruger Blackhawk – .357 9mm Convertible Review and Shoot