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Stanhopes, peep-holes or peep-eye viewers, are just such items. They contain all sorts of pictures, places and things and truly provide a view of the world in miniature. As it turns out, knives are but only one variety of a very diverse group of collectible items.

Jun 09,  · Schrade knives have been around since the early ‘s and apparently are great collectors items. From that time until when it closed its doors, the company changed ownership a few times. The name of the company change in to Shrade-Walden, at which point all knives were marked with this name.

Knowing the dates of these name changes will help you begin to date your vintage Schrade pocketknife. You will be able to date a Schrade knife even more accurately by examining and understanding its markings and characteristics. Schrade was a well-known maker of pocketknives. Check online forums and websites about vintage knives in general and Schrade history in particular to get an idea about the vintage of your knife. Locate books and, if possible, old Schrade catalogs to further enable you to pinpoint the knife within a certain time period.

Examine the knife under a strong light.

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Read Schrade Knife Identification text version Schrade Knife Identification It would be virtually impossible for me, or anyone else for that matter to list all of the thousands and thousands of patterns, special and limited editions, private special factory orders, and variants that were produced by Imperial, Ulster, Schrade Cutlery, Schrade Walden, Imperial Schrade, and Imperial Stag. Or the associated companies of George Schrade Cutlery and so forth. While I will endeavor to be as thorough and comprehensive as possible at this time, the listings here will necessarily be incomplete.

New information is still being discovered almost daily, and no doubt will be for some time.

Another caveat is that Schrade knives made after have tang mark wordings that recently look closer and closer to the old Schrade’s tang markings and a collector should be looking at the font and etch on the knife versus tang mark wording as well as the total knife makeup itself as one’s best guide.

This tract of land was known as Kiddtown. The Kidd family made quite a bit of money from the Kidd Mill. Before — James Kidd built a stone house. Revolutionary War — General George Washington and his staff on several occasions during the Revolutionary War occupied the old stone house of Alexander Kidd, who at that time owned almost the whole countryside. It was from Kidd that the town received its first name of Kidd Town.

Walden helped build the cotton and wool mills in an area known as Kiddtown and High Falls. Walden bought the house in , when he came to the village when it was called Kiddtown to build textile mills powered by the Wallkill River. Walden for whom the village of Walden is named.

Schrade-Walden Knives

There are maps in cabinets, fire hats nestled between them. The piece de resistance, which former Wawarsing supervisor and longstanding chiropractor Dr. Richard Craft is most excited to show off, is a room full of knives, too numerous to count.

Oct 21,  · Schrade-Walden NY USA – need help dating Discussion in ‘Schrade Knives Collectors Forum’ started by marcus, Oct 20,

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Schrade-Walden NY USA 147 – need help dating

The History of Hammer Brand Knives: Hammer brand was originally a trademark of the old times New York Knife Company, and was started around Like many of the old knife companies, New York Knife ceased operations in during the great depression. Subsequently the trademark was purchased by Schrade Cutlery, and has remained dormant for many years.

Schrade Knife Identification Page 3 of 3 Tangstamps can be another pretty obvious clue. While most people who collect Schrades are aware of the company name change in mid from Schrade Walden to Schrade Cutlery Corp.

This hertiage began when prehistoric man was inspired to make cutting edges. Why New York’s Hudson Valley? America attracted ore miners to Pennsylvania, that built a Canal from their inland mines to the Hudson River to distribute their products. They settled, and built, a new American tradition of fine knife-making. Here they developed an international reputation surpassing that of their original home towns. Among the dozens of knife companies founded here were Walden Knives and Schrade Cutlery, which ultimately merged together as Schrade Walden.

Imperial Schrade, based its operations in Ellenville in, developed an international reputation as the maker of Old Timer and Uncle Henry Knives. When the primary owners of Imperial Schrade, Henry and Albert Baer passed away, their estates and the new majority stock holders drove Imperial Schrade into receivership and then finally bankruptcy in Its trademarks were auctioned off, and new owners of the trademark, Taylor Brands, LLC, moved its operations to China.

After decades of moving operations to foreign factories, and making many design and production compromises, he wanted the satisfaction of making an enhanced heirloom pocket knife. A knife finished with an exacting blade edge, and durable elevated standards. He wanted a knife that breathed adventure, and that performed flawlessly at home or in the field.

How to Identify a Schrade Knife’s Year

Schrade-Walden knives are collectible pocketknives produces by the Schrade Cutlery Company of Walden. Knowing the dates of these name changes will help you begin to date your vintage Schrade pocketknife. You will be able to date a Schrade knife even more accurately by examining and understanding its markings and characteristics Collecting information Identifying Schrade-Walden knives by year Examine your Schrade knife under a good strong light, using a magnifying glass to note all markings and design details.

The name marked on the knife will give you the first visual clue to its age. Knives marked “Schrade Cut Co. From to , Schrade knives were marked “Schrade Walden.

In , Schrade was bought by the Ulster Knife Company of Ellenville, New York, and the factory, known as Schrade-Walden, moved to Ellenville. In , it merged with the Imperial Knife Company and was known as Imperial Schrade.

It sort of looks like wood, but I assume it’s some kind of bone – just pale. Any idea when they started inscribing the model numbers? I know it’s or after, so I’m trying to get an upper cap. Let me present some examples of Old Timer tang stamps within the to years. In each of these examples, the first stamp shown is the Stamp that followed Schrade Walden or when the pattern was introduced OT , and the second stamp shown is the one used when the pattern ended: As another example, as far as I know, the 77OT came out in , and it had the typical 2 Line Stamp during the entire production years, never utilizing NY or a 3 Line Stamp.

A couple more examples of Uncle Henry knives Example 5: In each case, the first stamp is these examples came from a knife that was shipped in a Brown Two Piece Box with a felt covered blue Old Timer or red Uncle Henry insert. The Open Stock knives for example, jigged delrin and some yellow handled knives followed the same stamping trend. I have numerous patterns of Open Stock Schrades with these same examples, depending on the pattern. Most of the Open Stock knives came over from Schrade Walden, so most of them are found with NY USA in the second line of the stamp, and some with the pattern stamped on the pile side.

How to Identify a Schrade Knife’s Year

Benchmade Materials and Mechanisms Benchmade has a rich history that dates back over 30 years. It was in that the Benchmade adventure began. Les de Asis wanted a knife that reflected the latest in materials and manufacturing technology to replace the cheap butterfly knives, known as Bali Songs, he played with as a kid. He used his high school shop skills and blueprinted his dream knife. He eventually met Victor Anselmo, who helped him grind the first ever pre-Benchmade Bali Song prototype.

Paired with handles that Les sourced from a small machine shop in California, he assembled and finished his first Bali Song in his own garage.

Apr 07,  · Schrade Cutlery Company was founded in by George Schrade, and his brothers Jacob and William Schrade. In Imperial Knife Associated Companies, (IKAC; an association of Ulster Knife Co and Imperial Knife Co) purchased controlling interest in Schrade Cut Co and changed the name to Schrade Walden Cutlery.

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