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Births and deaths were not usually recorded as such. Their online guide to Parochial i. The English parish church was a key secular as well as religious institution until the Victorian period. As part of local government, it was responsible for poor relief, running local charities, and even local roads and law enforcement. As a result, the ‘parish chest’ contains a lot more than just the registers. It is hoped that a full list of which registers are available at Maidenhead Library, will be online late

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Also, the third driest any-month in the series. December – January Severe cold spell set in from roughly mid-December and lasted until beginning of the second week of January, Gilbert White Selborne writes: Bitterly cold spell second half of December Further snowfall in the opening days of January

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Ledingberge, Edingeberge xi cent. The town of Buckingham is of undoubted antiquity, inasmuch as in the 10th century it was made the capital of the newly-formed shire of Buckingham. Previous to this date nothing definite can be stated of its history. There are no traces of settlements of early man in the neighbourhood; nor was it on any of the main or branch roads constructed by the Romans, though traces of their occasional presence have been found in the shape of coins and pottery.

At Martinmas of that year Edward the Elder went with his force against the Danes to Buckingham and remained there four weeks, and constructed ‘burhs’ on both sides of the river before his departure. Party gules and sable a swan argent collared with a crown and chained or. In Domesday Buckingham occupies its rightful position as county town with a separate entry at the head of the Survey, but it could not have been long before the unsuitability of its position as head-quarters for the transaction of county business was felt.

This is very clearly shown by a glance at the map, where Buckingham is seen to be at the extreme north of a county which till the 16th century shared its sheriff with the neighbouring county of Bedford. When the difficulty of traffic at that period is considered, it is not astonishing to find that much of the county work, notably that of holding the assizes, fn.

The town, too, was developing along unexpected physical lines. The castle on Coturne Hill as it is called in the 13th century fn. West of the castle, too, the greater part of Buckingham formed part of the large prebendal estate which was farmed generally for absentee lords. The name of Buckingham is closely connected with the wool trade, and although this town does not appear as has been erroneously stated elsewhere fn.

Indeed, at a much earlier date, in , fn.

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Official start of the spectacular Edinburgh Hogmanay events. Live DJs with music from Fireworks light up the Tyne against the iconic backdrop of the seven bridges.

Apart from preserved carriages no British trains still feature the traditional compartment (with side corridor walkway), passenger controlled lighting and heating controls, large picture windows plus (in first class) 3 aside seating, fold-up armrests and individual reading lamps.

I’m blown away by the level of support from fellow rail enthusiasts in building this site. Their willingness to participate in its construction with no prospect of financial gain, just the satisfaction of being involved, is bloody marvellous. Starting in May , Derek’s input has been a massive undertaking and there have been times when the pair of us – just two bungling old geezers with a mutual love for trains and railways – were on our arthritic knees by the sheer size of it all.

And now here we are with three finished pages…or are they? The interest shown by modellers has spurred Derek to suggest a series of articles on the ‘Britannias’ that will be of particular interest to model makers Since taking early retirement, Derek’s knowledge of all things power-driven led him to making a start on correcting the many anomalies he found in books and magazines regarding the BR Class 7MT Britannias.

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And also like the South Downs, many of the transport links within the Chilterns negotiate their way through breaks in the line of hills, such as at Goring Gap, where the Thames threads its way between steep wooded slopes on either side. Tring Station SP Finish: Cheddington Station SP Length: Both stations are on the the West Coast Main Line. Journey time from Euston is about 45 minutes each way.

Jun 12,  · Catherine Zeta Jones, the actress, John Cale, the musician, and Bryn Parry, the founder of Help for Heroes, were among those honoured in the Queen’s Birthday list. Here are the honours in full.

Here yesterday, gone today. Came across a copy of David Jenkinson’s The Times always thought that young Michael must be a Grauniad type for 12 May wherein young Michael amazed at improved Manchester to Brighton service via Kensington Olympia and improvements to railway catering. Away from the railway feature he was surprised at how cheaply a Professor of Philosophy could be hired then and an advertisement from the Wallop School which brings out the very worst of Master Blakemore.

Colour feature based upon publicity material produced by the Great Western Railway which combines elegant text with wonderful reproductions of contemporary colour material mainly from the s: The linking text notes that the publicity material is built around the Taunton to Minehead branch and is divided into three sections: East Anglian Class 47s.

The class 47 had originally arrived in East Snglia on freight workings in but were soon allocated to the Norwich to London expresses. D two tone green and very clean at Manningtree on train for Norwich on 17 August ; 47 Cyclops blue on Parkeston to Morris Cowley car train on 19 May ; 47 dirty rail blue on Whitemoor to Parkeston freight on 14 May Part 1 began on page Parliamentary powers to electrify the Railway were obtained on 30 July and a contract was placed with British Westinghouse for a four-rail V DC system.

Care was taken to ensure minimal dxisruption to steam services and the last steam train ran at

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Share this article Share Mr Robertson explained that the incriminating phone was found in Sawyer’s cell during a routine search, which was seized and further examinations carried out on it. Two saved text messages were initially found saved on Sawyer’s Sim card – one which said ‘My bad ex’ and another saying ‘That was a long time ago’ – both to a number which turned out to belong to Francis. Francis was arrested on March 31 as police seized her phone and searched her home, where they found two love letters written by Sawyer.

This page contains instructions for cyclists wishing to cycle across a small part of the UK between the university cities of Cambridge and Oxford, in either direction.

I’d chosen them purely on design grounds, but with the exception of Capstan, they form a mind-boggling web of company takeovers, at least proving my theory that these stylish designs were created for the big boys. Security is a serious business, and this is globalism in action: Grandaddy of them all is ADT, an American firm formed in , when a bunch of telegraph delivery firms incorporated as the American District Telegraph Company. By the s they were a huge public concern, already operating in Britain, and in they were taken over by the Hawley Group, an acquisition vehicle run by business mogul Michael Ashcroft — aka controversial Baron Ashcroft of Belize, who was treasurer of the Conservative party while being non-domiciled in Britain and paying no UK tax.

He renamed the company ADT Security Systems, registered it in tax haven Bermuda, and in sold it on to globalcorp Tyco who make undersea cables and the like , via a reverse-takeover which gave Tyco Bermudan tax status too. I’m sure that nowadays everyone at Tyco and ADT is lovely and kind, and doesn’t evade tax or have weeing ice-sculptures. But that’s not what I’m really interested in: So, to get back to the important stuff, it was designed by Colin Marsh for Modern Alarms to replace the round Eurobell featured yesterday , and taken on by ADT when they bought up Modern.

ADT have used this so-called “nut” ever since, and they now have branches in over 50 countries, millions of customers, revenues in the billions, and — apparently — a 45 year contract to maintain the security of the British and American governments expires , so ex-CEO Len will be out of chokey by then. I don’t know who Colin Marsh is, but he’s obviously a talented designer: But given the lack of justice in the world — even the burglar alarm world — he probably isn’t.

In the Labour constituency of Derby South.

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History[ edit ] High Street, Old Amersham, Records date back to pre- Anglo-Saxon times, when it was known as Agmodesham, and by the time that the Domesday Book was written around it had become known as Elmodesham. The Domesday entry is as follows: Geoffrey de Mandeville holds Amersham. Land for 16 ploughs; in lordship 2 hides; 3 ploughs there. Queen Edith held this manor.

Queen Edith was the wife of Edward the Confessor and sister of king Harold , and after her death in , the land passed to William the Conqueror , who granted it to Geoffrey de Mandeville died c.

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The trampolines were discovered by train crews near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, on Tuesday night. A man walks past a fallen tree as it blocks a road in Harrow Image: It was intended for painting projects, a spokesman for the company said. The spokesman said the damage affected the outer skin of the roof. Northern Ireland Electricity confirmed more than 20, customers had been left without power from the storm.

A fallen tree blocks part of Wyken Croft road in Coventry Image: Around 2, properties between Cornwall and the Midlands were also blighted by power outages, largely due to flying debris, Western Power Distribution said. Waves batter a sea wall in Porthcawl, Wales Image: A flooded car park in Salthill, Galway Image: People watch waves in Wales Image: A car drives through a flooded car park in Salthill, Galway Image:

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Vice-Chancellor, University of Kent. For services to Science. For services to Palliative Care.

Amersham (/ ˈ æ m ər ʃ ə m / AM-ər-shəm) is a market town and civil parish within the Chiltern district in Buckinghamshire, England, 27 miles (43 km) north-west of London, in the Chiltern is part of the London commuter am is 15 miles (24 km) from Aylesbury and 13 miles (21 km) from High Wycombe.. There are two distinct areas: Old Amersham, set in the valley of the.

It remained small and isolated. With no nearby town after which to name the new station, it was named Verney Junction railway station after Sir Harry. Construction and early operations[ edit ] Railways in and around the Aylesbury Vale, The important town of Aylesbury was served by railways in all directions other than southeast towards London and the Channel ports.

This land was owned by the Winwood Charity Trust, an operator of almshouses in Quainton of which the Duke was a trustee. The line was intended for transport of construction materials and agricultural produce and not for passengers.

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