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Marshall Bluesbreaker

Expect some inaccuracies and typos. About two years after that, he started playing more seriously and began practicing non-stop. King, Clapton developed a distinctive style and rapidly became one of the most talked about guitarists in the British music scene.

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June 11, , 8: This amp seems to blow fuses when power is supplied, therefore ending up in my hands. Wow, quite amazing, I may be the first one in this amp, as it would seem. This however lends itself toward the problem as the original Electrolytic caps cant possible be good. The explosion under the cover confirms my findings. This is a complete recap job so far as electrolytic caps go. I can never bring myself to remove the old caps without testing them, so naturally they go on the Genrad and the IT for expected awful results.

But hey, why not. This also included all of the Electrolytic caps needed to the Cathode bias, each was removed and replaced. Finally the last electrolytic cap in the bias was swapped AND upgraded to uf. I did also check all of the coupling caps; listed and tested in the IT , and they did turn out to be in perfect order so they were not replaced. Not everything is fun.

The ULTIMATE Metal Overdrive Pedal Shootout – 25 Pedals

It was the scene that inspired The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’. In recent years Coventry was named as UK City of Culture for , and venues such as The Tin strive to provide an environment to nurture new talent, while the Godiva Festival gives a platform to local artists and draws bigger acts to the city. We take a look at 10 Coventry bands to hear now. The resulting trio has a presence that feels like it could scale to any space, from intimate club to inevitable stadium support slots and Summer festival stages.

Candid Another band making some big anthemic sounds despite being at the earlier end of their career, Candid operate in the indie spectrum around the same wavelengths as The Amazons and The Sherlocks, with familiar nods to the like of The Arctic Monkeys and Oasis. Candid’s latest ‘Breathless’ is available to stream on most music platforms now.

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Mar 8, Been looking for a tube combo for a while, search is finally over! A few weeks ago I rounded up a used Dr. Couple of nicks in the Tolex, but all that means is I don’t have to worry about the first ding on it. Here are a few pics if you’re unfamiliar: Construction seems very solid. I’d expect nothing less. Tone-wise, this is exactly what I was looking for. The top-end chime with single-coils is amazing – I pretty much couldn’t make myself unplug my Strat CS ’54 pickups to check out my LP for over a week.

Full bass, mids to taste. Note separation, clarity and harmonics are outstanding, and only get better as the volume goes up. Playing technique-wise, I stand naked and ashamed before this amp. Z’s has a rep for touch sensitivity. I think it’ll improve my playing over time as I learn to deal with it – that’s one of the reasons I wanted a great tube amp in the first place – although I think it’ll be a while getting there.

This is a medium-gain amp at most, so I’ll be using it as a pedal platform a lot.

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It was basically a copy of the Fender Bassman. In , the plexiglass faceplates were introduced. I will also try to give examples of where they were used..

Although it has the JCM badge, the / circuit is less of the JMP pedigree and more of a precursor to the JCM series with its diode clipping circuits in the Boost Channel. This thing has more boards than a surfing convention, more connections and plugs than a middle age dating party, parts from virtually every era, and on top of.

Origins[ edit ] Site of Jim Marshall’s first shop, now a men’s barber After a successful career as a drummer and teacher of drum technique, Jim Marshall first went into business in with a small shop in Hanwell , London, selling drums, cymbals and drum-related accessories; Marshall himself also gave drum lessons. According to Jim, Ritchie Blackmore , Big Jim Sullivan and Pete Townshend were the three main guitarists who often came into the shop and pushed Marshall to make guitar amplifiers and told him the sound and design they wanted.

These were very popular with guitarists and bass players, but were very expensive. The three guitarists were among the first customers of the first 23 Marshall Amplifiers made. T Prototype’s were produced, in Jim’s words, the “Marshall Sound” was born, although at this time the only involvement Jim had was to sell the amps on a commission basis in his shop.

As business increased, Marshall asked the three to work for him in his shop, as he had more space and capital to expand. As of Dudley’s death in and Ken Bran’s death in , the only original individual is Ken Underwood.

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Open Post to Marshall Amplification Please read this post in the spirit in which it is posted. And I suppose I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others where I can. I must also note that I’ve not had any of the issues described on these forums with any of my CODE amps. And I must also note that I think they’re the best modelling amps. But what concerns me and hence this post is this: It’s almost as if Marshall regret the day they got into this modelling business and if that’s not the case:

Hey, this Peavey is way cool! But like a lot of peavey gear, it does not seem to get the love it deserves, seems the brand is not accepted in the “cool” gang.

Posted 13 January – The guitar is at a store and I am looking to purchase it what would be a good price to offer, they told me to make an offer. Try and figure out if everything is original, like the wiring and pickups. If the pots are correct, they should have a date stamp on them, for instance, xxx, where the is the CTS manufacturer code and the next two digits the year they were made.

They may predate the guitar manufacture by a few months or so, but should not be a later year. Not original wiring and pickups, IMO, should cut the value of the guitar by about half. You may want to ask why they think it is a model. Hard to tell with SG’s of that era.

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If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 and I firmly believe, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size. I would have called it a Custom 22S or something.

Im looking to raise some cash to funds a JTM 45 head. I have for sale my backup amp. Marshall JCM dating from Great condition and amazing sound.

C rlsberg ‘s review This content has been automatically translated from French Marshall Master Lead Combo [ ] Amp trs simple in its use. No heat lamps, but the amps sound very fat even when to have fun at home. I had a branch above, but ZOOM ct just crunch the amp enough. One branch, turn the knobs and away you go. Foncirement, the clear, ultra-saturated is not his forte, but putting prs little dirty while half of that wish: He was always home except for a recording studio, rpt ‘or in concert it is unfortunately not the height: Since I had the opportunity to try other amps, but this little combo in size but not the weight

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